SAZP Activities

Main activities done so far:

WP2 Requirements and Architecture:

Design and deployment of the SmartOpenData SK Architecture.

Participation on following deliverables:

WP3 Data modelling and Linked Open Data (LOD) alignment:

Activities related with the following deliverables:

WP5 Demonstration Pilots. Following activities have been done under this WP:

1. SK subpilot GeoCrawler:  Activities focused on:

2. SK subpilot Biodiversity Mashup 2.0: Activities related with the transformation of SK INSPIRE Protected sites.



Participation on following deliverables:

WP6 Evaluation, Assessment and User groups with activities:

  • Contribution to the  D 6.1 Evaluation plan, with focus on overal WP6 consistency and links to D 6.2 User groups set up and analysis and D 6.3 User group maintenance;
  • Delivery of the D 6.2 User groups set up and analysis;
  • Maintenance of the User groups - User groups maintenance and preparation of the input for D 6.3, 6.4 and 6.5. (Preparation of Surveys, LENGTH (LinkEd opeN Geo daTa Hub))

WP7 Dissemination, Exploitation and Liaisons with the contributions related to the: